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MYLER BITS and the Dressage Bitting Rule Changes
A huge step forward in bitting

The FEI and British Dressage recently added the following Myler mouthpieces
(on acceptable cheeks) to their list of permitted snaffles:


On the double bridle front, they also passed the first 3 above – the MB04; MB06 and MB36 - as bradoons, as well as the MB02 Comfort Snaffle and the MB32 Mullen Barrel.


Also now added to the rule book is what is termed the “Myler Weymouth”. High and low ports were submitted and the principle which has been accepted is Myler’s special Independent Side Movement on a Weymouth mouthpiece.


Click here for the latest Myler Bit leaflet, showing all the UK stock with RRPs


These changes are immense in terms of the advance in horse welfare and performance.  They are also unprecedented in that a specific brand of bit has been mentioned for the first time in the rules.


 (NB: The FEI also list the MB33WL (wide low) as a snaffle. This is a lower port version of the MB33. This was designed for the US market when the US Federation allowed ported snaffles with a particular height limit. Now the regular height MB33 is permitted we see no need to stock the 33WL in the UK, a view which is supported by Dale Myler.)